We are a specialist provider of consumer electronics, predominantly gadgets; anything & everything automated can be found online or within one of our stores, we are a place where you can buy everything you want; but nothing that you will ever need!

We have a gadget for everybody; action cameras, drones, educational gadgets, home automation, headphones, gizmos, smartwatches, smart-tech, smart-home, speakers, steady cams & much much more! We’re constantly improving our product lines with more gadgets & gizmos!

We don’t just want you to just buy gadgets like other retailers, we want you to thrive with gadgets, love gadgets & make your life better with gadgets! We strive to offer you a great customer experience that you’ve never encountered before.

The most important thing is not the decision to buy, but the confidence to pay securely; which is why we only accept payments through PayPal using our Secure Checkout.

We have a vision, to create the ultimate gadget store; a shop where you can experience every piece of innovative new technology, all within one roof & if you can’t make it to the store then to experience it all on one screen. We don’t just want to help create your smart home through our professional & friendly installation service, we want to create a smarter world.

 What You Really Want; GizAGadget's Logo 


You won't see us representing any CC (Cheap Chinese) electronic goods, the brands that we represent truly reflect ourselves; we only showcase brands that are innovative, trustworthy & respectable.

GizAGadget LTD, is registered in England & Wales at Companies House under the registration number 10154688.